Amplitude Warm Up T-Shirt - Black

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Warming Up Has Never Felt So Good

This is one of those pieces that was clearly designed by a lifter, for lifters. No detail was overlooked. The Amplitude Warm-Up T-Shirt was built to be worn over your Rise shirt, or tank. Saying this garment is “incredibly soft” would be an insult to its softness. When you receive this, and touch the shirt for the first time, you WILL be wowed. Warming up has never been so exciting.

More Than Meets The Touch
You might think we chose this blend of fabric for its incredible comfort. Of course, that was part of it, but mainly, it was designed to get you sweating. This is meant to get your muscles warm, ready for action, and to help prevent injury. Conveniently, it also helps you get your pump going more efficiently so you can workout with that extra boost of confidence.

Model: 5'10″ (178 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg), wearing size Medium.

Jeff Nippard X Rise Signature Line
• Jeff Nippard x Rise Signature Collection
• Oversized Fit
• Narrow Width Crewneck
• Rubberized Rise Logo
• Soft, Heavyweight Brushed Fabric

Amplitude Warm Up T-Shirt - Black

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Amplitude Warm Up T-Shirt - Black

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S 33-3784-94 27-3169-79 34-3786-94 120-16055-73
M 37-4294-107 31-3579-89 37-4194-104 160-18073-82
L 43-44109-112 35-3989-99 41-44104-112 180-22082-100
XL 44-48112-122 39-4499-112 44-48112-122 220-260100-118

*Bodyweight column is an indicator based on the average customers weight.

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