10mm Double Prong Belt – Black

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The Most Iconic Prong Belt on the Market.

The Double Prong Belt leaves nothing to be desired. Handcrafted from the finest leather, it offers a stronger, longer-lasting alternative to other belts. An easy-to-use design features a seamless roller so you can tighten or loosen at will, and its inherent nature forms closer to your body shape over time to only increase in comfort.

The Double Prong Belt remains a top seller for a reason — twice as many prongs as a single means twice the amount of torque that can be applied. It’s a heavy-duty belt for heavy-duty athletes.

The utility of the Rise Lifting Belt really shines when you need extra support after using heavy weights. While it’s true that a strong core can take you far, the Rise Lifting Belt reduces the stress on your midsection’s muscles and spine by increasing intra-abdominal pressure. The stress taken off your midsection can then be concentrated on the muscles you are targeting — and more stress on the muscles means more growth.

• Thickness: 10mm (Tolerance +/- 1mm)
• Width: 4”
• Genuine leather
• Finish: Suede
• Sturdy double-prong buckle
• Reinforced double stitching
• Rise embroidery


10mm Double Prong Belt – Black

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10mm Double Prong Belt – Black

In Stock Check with your local Rise Retailer for availability.
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Unisex Belts

SIZE (1)
S 24-2961-74 100-15045-68
M 30-3376-84 150-18068-82
L 34-3886-97 180-22082-100
XL 39-4399-109 220-260100-118

This is not your pants size. With your clothes on, measure the circumference halfway between your rib cage and your hips (usually around the belly button). If you expect to wear a hoodie while training, measure yourself with it.

Size Chart 10mm Double Prong Belt – Black

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