Premium 10mm Prong Belt - Black

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// Indestructible, Even in the Heaviest Use
  Introducing the Rise Premium Belt. Indestructible, even in the heaviest use, this weightlifting belt ensures consistent back support and stability, so you’ll never have to worry about its reliability for securing your lifts.

// 100% Handcrafted in Limited Volume
  Every single Rise Premium Belt is 100% handcrafted in limited volume monthly, using only the finest cowhide leather and tanning methods available. It measures 4" in width and 10MM in thickness.

// Made With the Strongest Synthetic Thread in Use Today
  To ensure no other training belt comes close, every aspect of the Rise Premium Belt was thought of, down to the smallest details. The Rise Premium Belt is reinforced with tough nylon stitching, which is the strongest synthetic thread in use today. It has a higher strength-to-size ratio than polyester thread, which is sometimes used by other belt manufacturers. The remarkable properties of this thread make it the perfect choice for heavy duty resistance. It offers an extremely high resistance to moisture, mildew and abrasion, and resists the degrading effects of most acids, alkalis, oils and chemicals. The high tensile strength of nylon thread and its excellent lifespan are some of the major reasons the US military has used it for decades.

// Resistant to Corrosion and Stress Up to 73200ps
  The design of the Rise Premium Belt is murdered out with matte-black hardware made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, and can resist stress by tensile strength of up to 73200 psi.

// Precision-spaced holes, for optimal comfort and support
  To make sure you can get this belt very tight with minimal effort, the Rise Premium Lever Belt features precision-spaced holes, allowing for custom tightening and guaranteeing optimal comfort and support.

// Hydraulic Beam Pressed Logo
  The cherry on top of this unsurpassed belt is a Rise embossed logo, pressed down with a magnesium die plate using 60-ton hydraulic beam press, to ensure an incredibly smooth finish and unmatched style.

// Take Your Lifts to the Next Level
  Take your lifts to the next level with the unsurpassed support and protection offered by the Rise Premium Belt.

Premium 10mm Prong Belt - Black

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Premium 10mm Prong Belt - Black

In Stock Check with your local Rise Retailer for availability.
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M 30-3376-84 150-18068-82
L 34-3886-97 180-22082-100
XL 39-4399-109 220-260100-118

This is not your pants size. With your clothes on, measure the circumference halfway between your rib cage and your hips (usually around the belly button). If you expect to wear a hoodie while training, measure yourself with it.

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